🗂️ Folder Management & List View
With the increasing number of demos in your account, we know it will be a lot of work to keep track of them.
That's why we are launching two new features to help you organise your demos.
Folder Management:
Keep your demos in order with the new folder management feature – all neatly tucked away for easy access. No more sifting through endless demos- quickly locate what you need and get back to work!
Every folder created can be moved from "Personal" to "Share with Workspace" and vice versa.
List View:
Want to review your list of demos rapidly? The List View provides a convenient way to breeze through!
You can switch between List and Grid View as needed.
🔥 Introducing Shared Workspaces
With this new update, you can invite up to 5 team members to collaborate on demos in shared workspaces.
How will it affect your account?
Your account will be assigned to a default workspace named "My Workspace". Workspace is where you can find all your personal and shared demos from your team.
Your current demos will be accessible in the "Personal" tab in the dashboard. You can always move them to share space and vice versa.
Freemium user:
  • Your workspace can only contain 1 member.
Pro user:
  • You can add/manage up to 5 team members, including you, in your workspace.
  • All the members can collaborate on demos shared with the workspace.
  • Every member can access the Pro features in that workspace.
Here's a small guide on "How to add team members?".
Introducing Dark Mode 🌗
With this new feature, you can now toggle between light and dark modes for the browser toolbar on your demo.
You will find the dark mode option on the edit demo page.
🎨 Custom Branding
We are excited to launch the
custom branding feature
in Supademo.
With this new update, you can replace the "Supademo" logo with your brand logo on the demos you choose to share. This helps maintain your brand identity while sharing the demos with your users. 🙌
That's not all; you can customize the "Create Demo" button with your CTA.
You can access the custom branding feature on the Settings page. This feature is only available in the Pro version.
Speaking of the Pro version, the early bird pricing is still on... 😈. Click here to lock your
Pro plan at $99/year.
If you have any questions or need assistance, contact us at support@supademo.com
Public launch of Supademo🚀
Since starting Supademo, we've learned a lot about how people want to create interactive product demos/guides.
Now, after 1 month in beta and onboarding more than 300+ users, it's finally time for the public launch of Supademo.
To celebrate, we are giving away our yearly Pro plan (for limited users) at
just $99/year (Just $8.25 per month)
To redeem, use
coupon code: LAUNCH
at the checkout.
Why go Pro?
  • Create 1000 interactive product demos every month (that is 12,000 demos/year)
  • No watermarks
  • Custom branding for public pages
  • Autoplay
  • Call to actions
  • Analytics (Coming soon)
  • Workspace management (Coming soon)
Lock in your pro plan for $99/year here.
If you have any questions or need assistance, mail us at support@supademo.com
🎉 Introducing Media Library & More
New Feature
🌁 Media Library.
With the media library, you can now access 50 of the most recent images you used in various demos. So even if you delete a step, you can pull that back quickly.
The Media Library is accessible on the edit page of the demo.
📷 Upload Images.
Currently, you are limited to images taken by our Chrome extension. But with this update, you can also upload custom images based on your needs.
The upload image feature is available on the edit page of the demo.
🧭 Tooltip Placement
You can now easily set the tooltip placement for each hotspot based on your preference. This feature is available in the "Edit Hotspot" popup.
Placement options:
Auto, Top, Right, Bottom and Left
Progress bar for demos
New Feature
This new feature shows a progress bar at the bottom of the demo(only on hovering).
It helps your viewer to navigate through the demo easily. You can enable and disable the feature as per your preference.
Go to Edit page -> Open demo settings -> Select general tab -> Enable or Disable progress bar.
progress (1)
Personal Account Settings
You can now easily edit your name and profile picture using the account settings feature.
Just visit https://supademo.com/settings/account and update the details as needed.
🔥 Add & Delete Hotspots
New Feature
This latest update makes it super easy to add and delete new hotspots as needed.
That's not all:
  • You can add multiple hotspots on each slide.
  • You can even set a target for every hotspot.
So how do you add hotspots
, you ask?
Go to the Demo Edit page > Double-click where you want the hotspot to appear. It's just that simple.
📺 Full-Screen Mode
Every demo you share, whether as a link or an embed, will have the option to make it full-screen.
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